The importance of a resume in your career is unmatchable – it’s like your identity, your face out there among millions of others in the corporate world. And your resume has to be unique, that’s what will help you stand out and apart from the other candidates. And especially when you are considering a career change, you still need to keep your resume game up to the mark – so here are a few tips which you should consider:

1. Look for the right resume format

Make sure you have chosen the right resume format for the current job you’re applying. And fill in all the relevant details in this fresh format. Try to keep the details in your resume as relevant as possible. And yes, instead of rewriting your resume entirely, just fill in the details from your previous resume into this new resume format.


2. Update it

Well, this may sound funny, but most people are lazy and just pick up their old resumes and head to their interviews. Make sure you update your resume – your title, the experience you have gained from your previous job and also the skills and qualities that you have picked up during your past endeavors. Even though you are applying for a different position, the core skill sets that every organization looks out for is almost the same. So make sure all of it is highlighted well.

3. Add relevant qualifications without fail

It may so happen that your qualifications are more relevant to the job you’re applying for rather than the previous post. So make sure you add all these relevant qualifications, additional course, short stints you may have pursued while in your past job and are superbly pertinent to your current job.

4. List down everything

Your resume shouldn’t have unexplained gaps in it – so make sure it contains everything you have done in the past years. It may even be a short course or an internship, but make sure it’s there. This maintains the continuity in your resume, leaving no scope for questions to be raised about the missing blanks.


5. Keep your expectations low

You need to understand that you may have to take a step backward to take the plunge, So even after looking at your resume and the quality of your accomplishments, you may not be shortlisted for the post you’re looking for, but something lesser than that. Keep your cool and take up whatever’s being offered to you.